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Valentine’s Day. A date in the calendar that always produces elements of both angst and exuberance. Hannah Worthington provides some make-up inspiration, whatever your plans.

Whether you’re going out for a meal with a loved one, maybe watching the next Fifty Shades that comes out in cinemas, or clubbing the dreaded night away, I bring you two different make up looks fit for the occasion. The first compromises a deeper, sultry look with a harsher contour and red tones, and the second a softer complexion, choosing a lighter baby pink lip with a shimmering highlight on the cheekbone.

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has a series of looks that can be achieved on her website. However though her products are both beautiful and a dream, they are not exactly student budget prices. Therefore, whilst I shall be using her overall looks, I’ve found great dupes of her products available and accessible in high street stores.

Look 1

In starting with the first look, prepare your normal base foundation. It is your choice as to whether you apply your concealer now and blend, or whether you save the concealer till last to avoid having to reapply more product under the eye if you make any mistakes.

Next, I would start on the contour using Bourjois’ Delice de Poudre, a rich, and deeply pigmented bronzer. Take this around the hairline, jawline, down the nose and along the cheekbone. In order to achieve a more dramatic contour line with this look, you could additionally apply a deeper tone found within the Freedom ‘Pro strobe palette’. This also comes with a great highlight which I find works best via finger application or with an angle brush. For the eyebrows, the best high street product I have used to achieve fuller brows as pictured is using Rimmel London ‘Brow this way’ eyebrow kit that comes in 3 different shades complementing the tone of your brow colour.

For the eye shadow, I recommend Max Factor’s ‘Smokey Eye Drama Kit’ in sumptuous gold, which incorporates copper/red colours to complement the lip. Using masking tape, create an angle on each eye applying the tape at a 45-degree angle. This will create an edged finish.

Apply the lighter shades in the centre, blending out to the darker, glittery colours in the palette for the crease/wing. Over this, I would apply winged eyeliner using Collection’s ‘Kohl eyeliner’, carefully removing the tape once completed. Finally for the lips, I highly recommend Maybelline’s Superstay Ultimate Red Lip due to the lasting power of this product! It is sometimes easier to use a small brush on the upper lip with darker colours to avoid any product going on the skin. Now complete any touch ups of concealer or intensify any steps if desired!

Look 2

Moving on to the softer, pinky look, follow the beginning steps again. With the foundation base completed, again I would still use Bourjois’ Delice de Poudre bronzer, softly around the hairline, cheekbone and to the t-zone section. With this look, concentrate less on the bronze and more on the highlight and blusher pigmentation. Using an angled brush, gently apply Sleek’s shimmer in blush rose gold over the cheeks and a tiny bit along the nose. Whilst this gives an element of highlight due to the glittery pigmentation, it equally produces a beautiful pink hue over the cheekbone. Additionally apply more highlight if desired.

Next with the eyes, apply tape at a 45-degree angle. Though this look is a little softer, creating a light line to complement the winged eyeliner is key. Using Makeup Revolution ‘Redemption Palette: Iconic 3’, work in a lighter colour of your choice over the eye, and apply a deeper, glittery pink from the palette towards the outer edge.

Again, using the Collection Kohl eyeliner, take the pencil from the inner section to the outer edge of the eye. The eyebrows in this look are fairly natural, so for this I would use Benefit’s gimme brow gel. Though the full product is pricier, it can still be found in Boots in a mini size at £5. For this lip, I would use Rimmel Kate Moss Matte lipstick in soft pink 101. Again, complete any touch ups of concealer or add any further products you choose.

Hopefully these looks may give you some inspiration for the 14th of February, or maybe you’ll be interested in some of the products listed. Though I am not a makeup artist in any way shape or form, I hope these tips and beauty looks give for a good Valentine’s night!

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