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Miranda Smith writes a tribute to Alexa Chung, British fashion model, television presenter and It-girl.

Possibly the most over-written article on the internet, and indeed not very ‘Bristol’, but I would argue that she is an inspirational icon to have. I am not normally one to become super obsessed with anyone in the limelight but something about Alexa Chung makes me want to copy everything she does.

Thinking warm thoughts

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For example, I dyed my hair brown and got a fringe to be like her – unfortunately I still look nothing like the angular-faced model. I also like to think I look just as cool as she does with a cigarette in hand in the smokers at SWX when I just look drunk. One thing that is quite controversial about this icon is her tiny frame, but that is a rather another topic altogether.

Anyway, her style is pretty classic, and thus easy to mimic, with feminine accents such as pussybow ties, ruffles, lace and floral prints galore. Both in her causal wardrobe and for events this is her go-to.

Arrivederci, Milan. ✌🏼

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However, she also manages to make masculine elements seem natural in her wardrobe. In her own book, ‘It’, she argues that a boyfriend’s navy sweater will become your favourite wardrobe staple, along with one of his white shirts. Not everyone has a boyfriend though so your dad’s will do too.

She is naturally very elegant and put together; even when just running errands around London or New York she never looks sloppy or lazy. Similarly, hair and makeup, although sometimes messy, always looks intentionally so.

She is one of those whom I think will continue to inspire young women for a while to come with her effortlessly cool looks. At the moment she is seen as inspirational enough that Elle UK has dedicated a style file to her and named her a ‘British style star’. Similarly, Glamour and Vogue have online archives dedicated to the icon. Give it ten years and her name will ring out as clearly as Kate Moss.

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  1. Date a boy in a band
  2. Sleep in your eye-liner
  3. Cut yourself a fringe
  4. Take up smoking
  5. Ignore style advice from others

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