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Stand up if you love the darts! Walking in a Bristol Wonderland? It might not be the Ally Pally, but tonight the Varsity Darts match is back for another competitive but boozy encounter.

This year’s event is being held at Walkabout on Thursday 23 March at 7pm. With a capacity of several hundred people, and with 8 matches on offer, it’s sure to provide a huge atmosphere.

Last year the match was played at the Anson Rooms and Bristol narrowly missed out on victory, losing by one match. Bristol will be looking for revenge and make sure they take victory this year.

Epigram Sport spoke exclusively to Bristol captain Liam Peach. Here’s what he had to say before the big match on Thursday evening:

How did you get into darts?

There wasn’t a specific moment that I remember when I started playing darts as I’ve been playing for many years now. I enjoy how social the game is and that you don’t even need to be a skilled player to enjoy playing it and I think that is what attracted me at the start. Only after arriving at university did I want to play a little more competitively and after a few years, I’m now leading the Varsity team out!

When does the society meet and how often?

There’s only a few of us this year but we attempt to get some practice in and have a few beers at least once a month.

How have you been preparing for the Varsity game?

There’s no extra preparation that goes into a Varsity game, we’ve just been practicing as we usually do and making sure we can find the 180s.

Favourite darts player and why?

There are many very good darts players that I enjoy watching but I’d look at the old school and say Terry ‘the Bull’ Jenkins. He’s a very skilled darts player who has a real passion for the sport and we throw with a similar style too.

Best walk on song?

Can’t Stop, RHCP. It has a fantastic introduction as you walk on stage.

Our shiny new #Varsityseries banners going up along Tyndall Avenue #WeAreBristol #embracetherivalry #notlongnow

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Favourite checkout?

122 – Treble 18, 18, Bull! Everyone loves a bull finish.

Beer of choice?

I’ll drink absolutely anything.

Player to watch?

For Bristol, Rob Angel. He’ll be on the radar next year too!

Can we be expecting a large turnout and plenty of UWE fans?

Darts event always attract many people and they provide a brilliant atmosphere too. I think we can expect a few hundred in the crowd from Bristol as well as many UWE fans that always travel in good numbers.

Prediction for final score?

It will be close, as it always is. Bristol have got some big scorers, so if we can get the doubles when it matters, there’s every chance we can win.

Everyone at Epigram Sport wishes Liam and his team the best and hope that they extend Bristol’s lead. It might not be Michael Van Gerwen throwing the arrows but whatever you’re doing – you don’t want to miss this one.

Help Bristol win Varsity by using the hashtag #WeAreBristol

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