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‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’. The famous words uttered by none other than our very own University of Bristol Boxing Club Captain, Sam Barnard.

Once again, it’s time for University of Bristol Fight Night. Epigram Sport preview what promises to be a night of triumphs and losses, blood, sweat and tears, as well as exclusively interviewing Bristol’s own Yasmin Robinow.

What is for sure is that the night will have enough sporting clichés and booze to last a lifetime.

The style of the fighters on the bill range from the raw power of Sam Barnard and Benjamin Dixon and the aggression of Benjamin Rose, Ardita Zeka and Harrison Ross-Skinner to the composure of Saahil Varsani and Nick Seccombe.

With Tom Wallis’ accuracy, along with the combative Thomas Prais, and the unpredictability of Yasmin Robinow and Joshua Haran, all will guarantee entertainment for all the spectators.

Boxing is the arena of sporting greats, such as Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis, where mere men were raised to the status of gods, in a way that few team sport and other individual sports could offer.

Thanks in part to the 2012 Olympics, which showcased the likes of Nicola Adams, it is also no longer solely a man’s game. Women’s boxing has become increasingly represented at all levels, including in Bristol where Ardita Zeka and Yasmin Robinow, who will both be fighting on Fight Night, are putting stereotypes as well as their opponents on the canvas.

Great Britain has a long-lasting tradition for producing top fighters and it is at the local clubs, the schools and universities where these greats throw their first punches.

Whether you are coming out of curiosity, are a seasoned boxing fan, or simply just want to see your mate getting punched, you will not want to miss this.

This year’s Fight Night will be taking place at Broad Plain Boys’ Club in the City Centre. Be sure to grab your chance to witness the titans of the University of Bristol Club clash with the giants of Exeter, Imperial and Worcester Universities.

General admission is £7 and £10 on the door. Doors open at 7pm. Order your tickets and check out the event on Facebook.

Follow this link to watch the trailer. Here’s to another David Haye vs. Tony Bellew kind of evening.


Introducing Bristol’s Yasmin Robinow

We spoke exclusively to Bristol fighter Yasmin Robinow as she prepares for her first outing in the ring:

Hi Yasmin, firstly why did you get into boxing?

I originally started doing it as exercise in the summer and really enjoyed it, so I decided to keep it up and subsequently joined the team at uni.

How have you been preparing for your debut fight?

It’s been pretty intense. I’ve been training six times a week in the gym. It’s been hard, no drinking and no Bunker. I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself. For me, it’s more about the mental than the physical preparation.

What boxer do you model yourself on? 

In the women’s boxing world it’s got to be Claressa Shields – she’s an absolute beast and takes no prisoners. The other one would have to be Derek Williams. He was actually my personal trainer and was a Commonwealth champion in the 80s. He’s my inspiration.

Have you got a walk-on song?

Yep, it’s ‘Hip Hop’ by Dead Prez. I’ve always got in on in the gym.

Haye or Bellew?

Bellew, Haye deserved to get knocked out.

Finally, what’s your favourite move?

Swift right hook to the jaw, obviously.

We wish Yasmin all the best for her fight and hope to see that right hook in action. Who knows, maybe Eddie Hearn will have her on his books before too long.

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