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Each fortnight Epigram Sport features one of the university’s less well-known sports. This week Nick Main tells us everything you need to know about Korfball.

Korfball is a hidden gem of university sport. A Dutch game derived from basketball, netball and handball, it is unique in the sense that it is a gender equal, with four boys and four girls making up a team.

The club’s four competitive teams have enjoyed a lot of success of late and are currently the fourth best university side in the country, with the aim of being one place better at the end of the season.

Although Korfball is a relatively small sport, there is plenty of opportunity for match play in both the BUCS competition and local adult leagues.

The rules are straightforward and it is incredibly fast paced. The movement rule is similar to netball, but you can take a couple more steps with the ball, whilst shooting is very similar to basketball and the tactics are similar to that of handball. It’s a real mix and it’s easy and fun to pick up.

Bristol have a number of highly qualified coaches and England Youth Internationals that will help you on your way to the national level.

This year has been very exciting for Korfball. The first team is flying at the moment and are top of the local league and are aiming to win the title and get promoted to the second tier of national Korfball which would be an incredible achievement.

Certainly the arrival of two first years, who have played at a high standard before joining Bristol has made a big impact and they will be the lynch pins of the team for many years to come.

The second and third teams also have strong chance of success in their respective competitions. The standard of the fourth team this year has been unprecedented and a number of players have been playing at second team level.

The club training sessions are on a Sunday in the Sports Hall from 5- 7.15pm. No matter what sports you have played before, you will always fit into the club.

The current first team captain was playing rugby last season and has since converted to Korfball; you never know what could happen.

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