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Welcome back to BUCS Star Team, our feature that showcases the very best performances from across Bristol’s competitive sports teams. Every fortnight, we cover the heroics of one winning side, who have all been put forward for the honour by the Sports Executive.

At the end of last term, the Men’s first volleyball team secured a nail-biting 3-2 win against LSE which topped off an unprecedented victory streak of three years in the BUCS 1A division, and therefore they were clear winners of the award. This incredible achievement comes down to the exemplary performances of the players.

Team captain Chris Sherfield was quick to stress their importance to the club: ‘Every new player contributes to an already fantastic team spirit and positive winning mentality. It’s amazing to see the development players have made throughout the years I’ve been at this club, helping us reach the level we have’.

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After the team’s successes last season there was always going to be question marks over whether they could replicate their impressive form. Needless to say, they have not disappointed. With solid wins against South Wales, Bournemouth, Bath and Cardiff already this season, all eyes were on their match against LSE in the first round of the cup on November 23rd.

The match started off unusually slow for Bristol, as LSE made some impressive blocks and managed to pick up the first set. Unshaken, Bristol were much improved in the second set, and began to gather momentum in the match, culimating in a 23-20 lead. Despite this, LSE retaliated on the attack, and managed to nick the second set. Their form continued into the third set, and UoB were left in a perilous position, as LSE had several set and match points. However, the experience of team shone through. With their backs against the ropes, every player on court kept a cool head.

Fuelled by dreams of a cup run, Bristol soldiered on, putting their bodies on the line for victory with several impressive serves and blocks. Sensing victory, Bristol continued to put pressure on LSE, staging an impressive comeback. Soon, they were ahead, and managed narrowly see out the game 30-28. The side’s strength and team spirit paid off in the fourth and fifth sets, and they came away with a fantastic 3-2 win.The team have started the new term as they ended the last, with a comfortable 3-0 victory at home over the Bournemouth second team and will be looking to keep their unbeaten run intact in the weeks to come.

Indeed, club captain and senior member of the men’s firsts, Michael Wilsher has high hopes for the rest of the season, with his sights set firmly on achieving premiership status next year: ‘I think that this is the best team we’ve ever had and I can see this record going to the end of the season and help us to become a premiership team for the first time ever’.

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