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Last March, in Bristol’s annual celebration of sport, saw a variety of fierce sporting battles between teams from the University of Bristol and UWE, all in the name of Varsity.

Behind the rivalry, however, were the fundraising efforts from both Bristol and UWE students all in the name of charity.

For the second consecutive year, that charity was 1625 Independent People (1625ip), which helps young people facing homelessness by providing services such as supported housing; and other projects which give them the help they need to get back on their feet.

Through ticket sales and bucket collections (by UWE RAG volunteers), the Varsity series raised a staggering total of £5064.92, which 1625ip have put towards their essential work helping young people.

Part of this includes the Independent People Football Club (IPFC), who are affiliated with the University of Bristol. Before the Varsity series began, players from the IPFC participated in a futsal competition with students, giving them space to show off their skills and test themselves.

They were also invited to attend Varsity matches, allowing them to ’embrace the rivalry’ and experience the event first-hand. With some of the money raised by Varsity, the team have joined a Monday night league, so they now have somewhere to test the skills they practice at training each week.

It has also given them access to meeting more people in the community and feeling like a real part of it.

Now the first semester is over, Varsity 2017 is fast approaching, bringing with it the opportunity beat this year’s total (as well as UWE!) and help more people in the community. The boat race is already scheduled for the 18th of March, keep an eye on the Varsity website for more events to be announced!

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