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Nominations for Bristol SU’s elections are open until 11th October.

In the October elections, you can nominate yourself or recommend a friend for a variety of roles. For new students, this includes Course Reps, both for first-year undergraduates and new postgraduates, and JCR positions in Halls of Residences.

Other roles include the Chair of Student Council and the Democratic Standards Committee, the Postgraduate Network and NUS Delegates.

Find a summary of these roles below

Course Reps- There is a course rep for every year of every course. As part of the Education Network, Course reps work with staff and feedback your concerns and thoughts to make your course as good as it can be.

JCR- The student committee elected in each Halls of Residence who arrange social activities and represent the students in each hall.

Student Council- Student Council is the primary representative forum of the Students’ Union. Members discuss and vote on motions, which if passed, become active SU policy for three years. Meetings will be held on 31st October 2017 and 5 June 2018.

Postgraduate Network-  Student-led initiative for postgraduate students that seeks to shape and develop Bristol postgraduate community life.

NUS Delegates- The 6 elected delegates attend the NUS National Conference and represent Bristol SU and vote on policy and in elections.

Nominations close on the 11th of October at 23.59pm and voting commences from the 16th October to 19th October.

Results will be announced on the 23rd of October.

The October elections are followed by the main elections in March which elects Full-time Officers, Chairs of Networks, Faculty Reps, Course Reps and Student Trustees.

Find out more information about the elections and nominate yourself or a friend here.

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