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Ben Kew, a Modern Foreign Languages student at the University of Bristol, has been named in expository Buzzfeed investigation into right-wing political radicalism at Breitbart.

Breitbart News Network is a far-right American news, opinion and commentary website created by Andrew Breitbart.

According to Buzzfeed, ‘The Breitbart employee closest to the alt-right was Milo Yiannopoulos, the site’s former tech editor known best for his outrageous public provocations.’

Bristol student, Ben Kew, who is now a reporter at Breitbart, invited Milo Yiannopoulos to speak to students at the University of Bristol in June 2015.

Connections between Milo and Ben Kew

He is currently employed by the organisation as a Politics and National Security reporter whilst completing the final year of his degree.

Yiannopoulos resigned from Breitbart amid disgrace over comments in which he appeared to endorse paedophilia. He was shown by Buzzfeed to play a huge role in mainstreaming white nationalist ideas through Breitbart.

Emails showed he was in regular contact with neo-Nazis and intended to influence university students at political rallies.

Buzzfeed revealed, ‘These new emails and documents, however, clearly show that Breitbart does more than tolerate the most hate-filled, racist voices of the alt-right. It thrives on them, fuelling and being fuelled by some of the most toxic beliefs on the political spectrum, – and clearing the way for them to enter the American mainstream.’

The investigation showed a video of Yiannopoulos singing ‘America the Beautiful’ while white nationalists gave Nazi salutes. This video, as well as extensive investigations into Breitbart has revealed an association between the organisation and neo-Nazis.

The full Buzzfeed exclusive is entitled ‘Alt-White: How the Breitbart Machine Laundered Racist Hate’.

Although he has been named in the investigation, there is no evidence that Ben Kew has any association with white nationalists or Neo-Nazis. Epigram is awaiting a response from Ben Kew.

What do you think about the Buzzfeed investigation?

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