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The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, visited the Bristol University Conservative Association (BUCA) today on a campaign stop in Bristol East.

At the Kingswood Community Centre, the Foreign Secretary spent a quarter of an hour glad-handing with BUCA luminaries.

BUCA Social Secretary, Henry ‘Henners’ Edelstein, reflected positively on Boris’ visit: ‘it may have been a wet and rainy day, but Boris’ visit was a coup for the BUCA dries. Not a mugwump in sight!’

Johnson was in Bristol East to support Theresa May’s local candidate, Theo Clarke, who hopes to overturn a 3,900 vote Labour majority. Clarke, niece to North East Somerset MP, Jacob Rees Mogg, was the Tory candidate in 2015 and is the bookmakers’ favourite to win the seat this time around.

For those who thought that Bristol, a traditional Labour stronghold, might be a no-go for BoJo, the Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP had a clear message. ‘Only Theresa May can deliver the strong, stable – strong and stable, or whatever it is – leadership that we need, folks.’

The ‘Take Back Control’ hit-maker then pleaded with campaign bosses to allow him to canvass at a real-life Stable in the run-up to polling day. ‘A strong one’, he added.

Johnson also told the assembled ‘army’ to get out on the doorstep and act to prevent the – “surprisingly popular” – Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, from winning a mandate for his ‘catastrophic policies’.

The Foreign Secretary’s Bristol visit did not pass without controversy…

‘Most of you, probably all of you, in fact, are too young to remember, anyway…but we cannot let Corbyn take this country back to the 1970s’, explained Boris.

The former Mayor of London hit the headlines today, however, by offending Bristol’s Sikh communities. Whilst articulating the benefits of a UK-India free trade deal at a Gurdwara in Bristol East, Johnson upset a resident. The unidentified woman chided Boris for discussing alcohol in a place of worship after he claimed that a UK-India free trade deal would be a boon for whisky sales.

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