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You may have heard about how on Monday, the police shut down a drum ’n’ bass rave that commenced at about 10.p.m. in a carriage on the Bakerloo line. You may have also seen the video of a girl walking onto this initially empty train, a bit baffled, before gleefully dancing as if no one was watching shortly after. Except quite a few people have been watching now. Approximately over four million online.

This up till now anonymous girl has been in The Guardian, BBC News and…The Sun amongst others (you win some, you lose some). But the girl, one of the ‘enthusiastic commuters enjoying the bass’ as referred to by the Daily Mail, (probably by a person who we can very well assume has never personally experienced enjoying the bass in any capacity, anywhere) is in fact recent University of Bristol Geography graduate, Alice Matharu, and has spoken only to Epigram – her beloved student newspaper, about it.

‘I had just ran to the Embankment tube stop in a hurry,  and as soon as I got on to the platform the train pulled up and the carriage with the sound system and lights on stopped right in front of me’ said Alice speaking to Epigram about her chance experience on the now famous party train, the work of YouTube pranksters Troll Station, and brought to life with the help of award-winning MC Shotta.

‘I couldn’t really believe it because I had just been complaining about how I haven’t been to a club in ages, then the rave train arrives right in front of me, so I got up and started dancing, despite the fact that I was sober and on my own’ adding that she ‘got off after five stops, the rave was in full swing but it was only two stops after that it got shut down at Paddington.’

Alice Matharu boogying the night away.

Indeed, the rave came to an abrupt end ensued by the British Transport Police’s (BTP) arrival, which is often the case at a party when that happens.

‘Whilst officers relish any opportunity to experience underground drum and bass (sic), we’d kindly ask DJ’s to refrain from using the tube as a pop-up club’ said the BTP to the Associated Press ‘it may be the Easter holiday, but there is a time and a place’.

So what did groover Alice think then? ‘It was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time, it’s not everyday you get on the Bakerloo line and there’s a party on board, I loved it!’.

What do you think about this rave on a train? Let us know…

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