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The crème de la crème of Bristol medical students performed a sold-out strip show at the O2 last night to raise money for the charity CLIC Sargent.

They raised over £20,000 for the UK’s leading children’s cancer charity in 2016, and they had already matched this before the 2017 show had even started.

There were 180 dancers, and the show was fully organised, choreographed and performed by Bristol medics, with only one minor technical glitch.

And… that’s a wrap! BEST TEAM EVER ⭐️️#babydocs #clic2017 #finalclic

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There were more than 1,500 spectators in the audience, including friends, parents, and people pretending they knew someone in it.

The show was fully sold out, and those who missed out on tickets were trying to buy them for well above the original price. The public was encouraged to give the profits of any ticket re-sells to CLIC Sargent.


‘CLIC Sargent is a fantastic charity which supports children and their families fighting cancer throughout their diagnosis, treatment and long term care,’ Abbie Festa, a medic in the opening dance, told Epigram.

‘We want to make more people aware of the great work CLIC Sargent do, and if that means taking our clothes off…’

Auditions took place last November, with a rumoured success rate of three applicants to one place. The students have since been working hard on both their dances and their bodies!

A spectator was overheard saying they could only recognise their housemate in a line of naked boys from his bottom…


The theme this year was ‘Once Upon A Time’, and the dances covered books, films, and comics, ranging from Bridget Jones to Mulan and Game of Thrones.

The show started off with non-strip dances which became progressively raunchier, with a steamy boys’ full strip inspired by Troy acting as finale.

There were 15 dances in total, separated into categories of all-female, all-male and mixed. There were a couple of unorthodox dances, like Snow White grannies and High School Musical in drag.

‘The best night of my life’

Dancer Leo Wood, a second-year medic in the Harry Potter themed mixed full strip, said it was ‘without a doubt the best night of my life’.


The show started at 7pm with opening bands, followed by the dances and an after-party in the O2.

The hosts reminded the audience the show was for charity, and dancers collected further donations at the doors.

The dancers really did take the audience into a fantasy world, as promised. They are still accepting donations on their JustGiving page.

Did you watch the show? Which was the best dance? Let us know in the comments or on social media…

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