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Tonight the winners of the Students’ Union elections were announced to a lively and supportive crowd in the SU Balloon Bar.

Relive the night as it happened with our live-blog and live video stream

The much anticipated full-time officers were announced at the end of the night. The competition was tight, with the Union Affairs vote count progressing to a fifth round of voting. For the second consecutive year, Epigram’s poll correctly predicted 5 out of 6 results – thanks to all for voting!

Epigram spoke to all the winners of the full-time positions:

Hannah Dualeh won Equality, Liberation and Access Officer, beating six other candidates in a vote that went to the fourth round. Dualeh told Epigram, ‘I’m really shocked and really happy. I just want to say thank you to the competitors I was against, I wouldn’t have worked as hard as I did without them because they were really great.’

Laura Ho was reelected as Postgraduate Education Officer. ‘I’m just happy about how many BME candidates have been elected. Bristol University and the Union is historically very white and I’m really excited to see what the BME students will bring to the table.’

John House, winner of Sport and Student Development, said, ‘I’m feeling very happy obviously. I was very nervous. I think I’ll wake up tomorrow and be very excited but right now I don’t really know what to think!’

Zoe Backhouse narrowly beat current incumbent Max Austin by just 160 votes to the position of Undergraduate Education Officer. ‘I am incredibly proud to have won this. I cannot believe it. I was running against an incredibly worthy candidate and I didn’t think I was going to win.’

Student Living Officer, Steven Le Fanu, told us, ‘I feel very relieved. It’s a bit surreal. I’m looking forward to getting on with what I said I would do next year.’

The most emotional moment of the night was the election of Jamie Cross as Union Affairs Officer. A clearly overwhelmed Cross took to the stage and could not hide how much this moment meant to him. Jamie told us, ‘I’m feeling pretty amazing. If I’m honest I didn’t think I was going to win. I think I could work harder than everyone else. I’m not an outright winner.’

Kim Slim narrowly lost to Jamie Cross by a stage 1 margin of just 6%. ‘I’m relieved and exhausted. I’m glad it’s over. I could not have lost to anyone better than Jamie. It’s going to be a solid team.’

Over 36,000 individual votes were cast in this year’s election, making it the highest student involvement ever.

Outgoing Union Affairs Officer Tom Phipps told Epigram, ‘It’s a good night for democracy.’

How the voting process works:

Bristol SU elections use the Single Transferable Vote system, a proportional representation system in which a person’s vote can be transferred to a second or third choice (according to their stated preference) if their first choice is eliminated during the vote count.

If one candidate does not receive at least 50% of the vote in the first round, the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated, their voters’ votes transferred, and the other candidates progress to the next stage of the count. This elimination process continues until one candidate achieves 50% of the vote. 

Voting breakdown for the full-time officer positions:

Equality, Liberation and Access Officer: Hannah Dualeh

ELA graph

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ELA table

© Epigram

Postgraduate Education Officer: Laura Ho

PG graph

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PG table

© Epigram

Sport and Student Development Officer: John House

SSD graph

© Epigram

SSD table

© Epigram

Student Living OfficerStephen Le Fanu

SL graph

© Epigram

SL table

© Epigram

Undergraduate Education Officer: Zoe Backhouse

UG graph

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UG table

© Epigram

Union Affairs Officer: Jamie Cross

UA graph

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UA table

© Epigram

Winners of the part-time elected roles:

The part-time roles were announced at the start of the evening, the winners were as follows:

BME Officer: Ms Radhika Jani & Oluwaseun Matiluko

Disabled Officer: Miss Dolcie Paxton

International Students’ Officer: Miss Meghna Jeetah

LGBT+ Officer: No one elected. This position will be re-opened for nominations.

Mature and Part Time Students’ Officer: Mr Jonathan Legg

Widening Participation Officer: Miss Kelly Emelle

Women’s Officer: Miss Darcy Ramsden


Chair of the Student Council: Miss Chante Joseph

Raising and Giving Chair: Mr Hari Sood

Societies Chair: Mr Michael Bolton

Sports Chair: Miss Grace Youell

Volunteer Chair: Wing Chan

Sustainability Chair: Adela Simonova

Faculty Reps:

Arts: Martina

Biological Sciences: Ralph Bernardo

Engineering: Shahem Alshurbaji

Health Sciences: John Gilbert

Science: Christy Nunns

Social Sciences & Law: Katie Henson

Research Postgraduate Senate Rep: Ben Hudson & R.O.N.

Student trustees:

Lea Hampton-O’Neal

Noha Abu El Magd

What did you make of the election results? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on social media.

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