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French producer/vocalist Coucou Chloe delivers a sleek EP of dark experimental club music that’s laced with attitude on Erika Jane. This is no surprise given that she recently soundtracked Rihanna’s Fenty show at New York Fashion Week; she’s clearly been busy since her debut EP, Halo of last year.

Originally from Nice, Chloe studied contemporary art at the Villa Arson and is now based in London to focus entirely on production. On Erika Jane, her sound has clearly taken shape as she makes use of the militant percussion similar to artists such as Swedish producer Kablam, who also features on the EP, but imprints her softer, sleeker touch. A prime example is the collaboration between the two artists on ‘Sylph’. Chloe’s haunting and distorted vocals wail above the aggressively pounding kicks and drilling snares, idiosyncratic of Kablam.

Listen to Sylph, co-produced with Kablam below:

Berlin’s ‘3hd’ festival program, of which Chloe was a part of in 2016, described her sound as ‘crooked ballads (that) offer romance without sentimentality on wavy vocal pitch-shifting and contemplative simulated environments that posit a passion for the future’. Chloe clearly has a passion for the future that is revealed through her unique sound. It is club music that can put it in the same category as releases from experimental labels such as Janus, Non and the Staycore collective who are constantly encouraging the futuristic experimentation of club music. It appears NUXXE, a relatively unknown label, has the same idea in mind.

Watch Coucou Chloe, live from the ICA London:

Alongside her solo career, the French producer is also one half of Y1640 — a collaborative project with producer Sega Bodega, a similar artist with a passion for film music. You can catch him regularly broadcasting from NTS Radio. Sega Bodega co-produces Erika Jane’s most distinguishable track titled ‘Flip U’, the only point in which Chloe’s lyrics are understandable through the warping and distortion. Though listeners may find this irritating, the warping plays into the producer’s advantage as it adds a further sense of attitude to the immaculate and glossy production.

Watch the video for ‘FLIP U’ below:

The EP’s closer, titled ‘The Letter’ embodies the rhythmic foundations of Latino reggaeton, but morphs it into a haunting and cutting edge banger. The ghostly synths and twinkles combine to form the perfect ending to this unique EP.

Erika Jane EP is out now on NUXXE Records.

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