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Reece Webster sprinted into Motion to see a whole host of drum and bass legends do their thing at RUN – Bristol-born-and-bred party throwers’ latest night at the super-club.

It is an interesting experience going to a drum and bass event at Motion sober. I was in good spirits and ready for a night of drum and bass as I walked through the smoker’s courtyard. It’s so great to be able to step back and appreciate the guys and girls running around at the beginning of a night out. Everyone was buzzing just off of an anticipation high at this point (well maybe not everybody). The girls had glitter across their cheeks and on their eyelashes. The guys were decked out in their finest Stussy hoodies, panel caps at the ready.

I made my way first toward the Eatbrain stage in the tunnel. Bunting on the ceiling and dark neurofunk running out of the speakers, it was a good place to start the party. I listened to some heavy tunes played out by Mob Tactics and then moved up to the balcony of the main room.

The place was wonderfully lit, with blue and purple hues of lasers running across the pit below. Stokka was finishing his set, throwing down very fast bass heavy DnB perfectly suited for the warm up. Soon after, the room was treated to the sublime mixing of Lenzman. He played one of the most blissed out sets I have ever experienced. I could do nothing to stop losing myself to the bassline rollers hammering through my ears. The group of girls stood to my right were clearly having as much fun as I was. We danced around to tracks laced sweetly with female vocals alongside deep breaks. It was beautiful. And this is coming from the soberest person at the party. As the DJ played out the S.P.Y. remix of ‘I’m a Junglist’ the crowd skanked out in perfect synchronicity.

I saw good sets from plenty of other dj’s on this night including a chilled neurofunk mix from Inside Info, a hard hitting mix from D*Minds filled up with drum and bass anthems, and a high tempo intricate mix of techstep and neurofunk from L33. At one point I crossed opposite a young lady leading her gentleman up some stairs. The term ‘the blind leading the blind’ came to mind. She was fairly well inebriated an moved as though walking through a deep swamp whilst he was like a puppydog, with a mask of erratic eyeballs and screw-facing. They were having a good time. And why not? The weekend before Valentine’s Day, the perfect day to go out partying as a couple. Here was somewhere to take your other half to appreciate a shared loved for 170 beats per minute, smothered in a hazy glow of youthful inebriation.

This left me to finally throw myself in to the sweat box that was the Marble Factory as Danny Byrd came on to play. Being packed in like a Japanese commuter is not often my idea of fun especially when sober but when the artist is that good I can make an exception. I could barely notice the sweat from other people that was being rubbed in from all the points on a compass.

Danny Byrd absolutely smashed through his set, running quickly from jump up to liquid to neurofunk. He pitched to us his catalogue of subgenres in drum and bass and everyone was sold on it. So lost in the music I almost imagined it to be summer when he played out Netsky’s ‘Rio’.

Alas at some point in the night I wound up being drained from all this serious leg shaking and felt like it would be best to make my way home. I made my way out and came across my favourite scene from the night. Close to the exit door, across from the bar is a long torso sized mirror with the Motion logo stuck on to it. It was well lit with un-garish purple lights and in front are several leather wrapped boxes. On top of and around these boxes were a series of girls who were all having the time of their lives. They were obviously tired and moved away from the main dancing areas. Needless to say they were all still having a wonderful time.

RUN smashed it once again with a star studded line up and well organised hustle on the night. I hear they are taking a short break but I very much look forward to their next installment.

RUN returns to Bristol in May, collaborating with Arcadia at Love Saves The Day.

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