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What’s a big night out without a massive pile of cheesy chips to top it all off at 4am? Nothing, that’s what. No matter where you are, there’s food to satisfy your drunk, 4 am cravings – whatever they may be. Immy Birkett shares her favourites with Epigram.

With Freshers’ Week over, I’m sure all you freshers out there have become well acquainted with what the Triangle has to offer when it comes to a night out. And on your stumble back in the direction of the U1 bus stop (RIP the number 16), I don’t doubt that you will have paid the infamous Jason Donervan a visit: the Triangle’s resident kebab vendor.

So perfectly positioned, Jason has nailed it on location, parking his Donervan smack in the path of most first, second and third years on their drunken journeys home after a messy one in Bargs. Why would anyone venture further afar?

Well, whilst Donervans is reliable and delivers a mediocre portion of chips for a mediocre price, Bristol is in fact home to a plethora of far more exciting eateries to satisfy your post night out cravings. You need only look.

Taka Taka

The proud home of the ‘Magic Roll’. And magic is truly an understatement. This Greek pita house is what dreams are made of, whether you be a committed carnivore or a vegan; Taka Taka has it all. The majority would opt for a souvlaki or gyros, and the majority would not know the difference.

It doesn’t matter, they are both unbelievable: filled with chicken or pork, these pittas are also crammed with red onion, tomato, tzatziki, and the crowning glory that is the skin-on fries. Merely a stone’s throw from our best-loved clubs, you’ll likely find yourself staggering in the Taka Taka direction rather shortly, and you won’t regret it. If you’re feeling bold, opt for the large Skepasti for a reasonable £7.50.


Stokes Croft’s greasiest fried chicken shop is set just across the road from the Love Inn. As my housemates have instilled into me, any chicken shop worth your time must be able to deliver on the wings front. And, thankfully, Slix does not fail in this department.

You will be laughing at a mere 50p per wing, and they’re bloody good. You can also guarantee that you’re getting good value for money as Slix does not disappoint on portion size. It’s kinda dingy, but you kinda love it.

Slix #chickenwings #dank

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M & M Kebabs and Pizza

An odd place. The name doesn’t lie: kebabs and pizzas are what they do best. M & M is strategically positioned on the corner of Aberdeen Road, which so happens to be the turning off for every second-year student on their way home to Redland.

You’ll likely end up here when you’ve tried to save money by not buying food on the Triangle, and then you’ve caved when you’ve spotted their familiar faded blue sign. It’s like a test of your will power, and possibly the only reason why M & Ms is still in business. That said, I am grateful for its existence – many times has it has provided me with some much-needed nuggets before the final stretch of my walk home.

Grecian Kebab House

If you’re lucky enough to live on Gloucester Road, this baby is on your doorstep. Despite its name, this shop is best known for its incredible £5 12’’ pizzas. It is a wonder that Grecians haven’t caught onto the fact that their pizzas are an absolute steal, but no one is complaining.

These beauties are the real deal: we’re talking stone-baked, with options like ‘Texas’ – spicy beef, bacon and pepperoni – or my personal favourite, ‘Grecian Special’, topped with chicken, ham and mushrooms. You can even ‘create your own’ for the same price. The Grecian is conveniently open until 5am on the weekend, to cater for you mad ravers out there.

So, next time you step out of Lola Los, stop and think. Who knows, you may find yourself attending those weekly Triangle nights out solely for the excuse to eat some of this delicious fast food before you head home.

Have we missed out one of your favourites? Let us know! 

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