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Epigram Blind Date returns with Patrick Stewart and Chloe Cole who search for love in the cat pub, Bag o’Nails. 

What were your first impressions?
PS: ‘She was late, but I quickly forgave her when she was very open and chatty from the
CC: ‘I was really panicked about being late to the date, so my first impression was that he
didn’t seem really angry about that, which was good’

Chloe reckons Paddy would be a ‘squirrel’ if he was an animal and says her perfect partner (listen up, fellas) would be F. Scott Fitzgerald.

What did you talk about?
PS: ‘The scary amount of skulls in her room; her love for bears and wolves and all animals;
and her grandparents’ house in France where she spends lots of time chasing after deer’
CC: ‘Law, travelling and food’

Were there any awkward moments?
PS: ‘Don’t think there were any awkward moments – chat flowed well’
CC: ‘I never really think before I speak, and so I accidentally blurted out way too ealry about
the boar’s head I have in my room’

Describe your date in three words.
PS: ‘Pretty, crazy and good craic’
CC: ‘Interesting, funny, Irish?’

Paddy thinks Chloe would ‘probably be a cat’ if she were an animal and says that her best feature is ‘her eyes’.

Would you see them again?
PS: ‘Yeah, I’d happily meet up with her again’
CC: ‘He lives across the road, so would be difficult not to’

Would you introduce them to parents?
PS: ‘She seems just about crazy enough to keep up with my friends, so yes. Mum wanted to see
a picture of her as soon as I told her I was going on a date, so mum is keen to be introduced!’
CC: ‘My mum would probably fancy him because she likes rugby players, so that could be
weird – but yes’

What happened at the end of the date?
PS: ‘Chloe had an essay to write, but luckily we lived close by so just walked to our houses’
CC: ‘I had to go and write an essay, so we had a really chaste hug.

Rating out of 10
PS: 8.7/10
CC: 8/10

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