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Freshers can be stressful if you feel pressured to do certain things, but as this anonymous student reminds us there’s no need to follow the crowd.

Being a fresher is weird. You’re thrown into an environment in which you’re expected to like all the same things as everyone around you. We might be able to distinguish ourselves slightly through whether we like Motion and Stokes Croft, or the Triangle, but ultimately, it’s all much more diverse than that. Motion doesn’t always play the same music, and shockingly enough Blue Mountain doesn’t always play drum and bass.

I always knew that I would make a terrible fresher

I always knew that I would make a terrible fresher. The idea of going out every night of the week and getting absolutely smashed just never appealed to me much. People are always so shocked when I tell them that I have only been to Bunker once. From a young enough age, I realised that I truly despise clubs that regurgitate remixes of whatever Capital Radio is playing that week, and a little later, I also realised that I really don’t like forcing myself to enjoy music, even if other people say that it’s good. I like listening to stuff that I could enjoy well enough when I’m sober, and if that experience can be enhanced with a little bit of something else that’s fine, too. For me, there’s nothing worse than looking around a club and seeing everyone gurning and skanking to indisputably mind-numbing music.

If clubbing isn’t your thing , don’t worry you’re not alone!

I also want to say that I’m not judging people who go out and have a great time. In a conversation that I had with some friends recently we concluded that doing drugs was all well and good, if you didn’t talk about doing drugs. As an enhancement, I completely understand taking them. On the other hand, I was at a club a couple of weeks ago and a stranger tapped me on the shoulder to inform me that ‘this floor is really weird on ket.’ I don’t know what the reaction he was expecting was, but I cringed. Undoubtedly, I was glad he was having a good time, I just didn’t understand the need for him to tell me about it.

I’ve also recently been exposed to the idea of rating a club by the quality of its smoking area. I do understand the need for some Freshers can be stressful if you feel pressured to do certain things, but there’s no need to follow the crowd – just embrace what makes you happy fresh air every so often, whether the night is good or bad, you are probably going to get a bit sweaty. But, if you look at The Crofters Rights, the smoking area is always empty, which is probably down to the fact that half of the venue is a pub area with seating. This leads me to believe that other people are also craving a conversation. Perhaps, instead of attending a below-average club night in which you spend half of it outside, you could save your money and go to the pub?

Gorgeously sunny day for a drink in the courtyard here at @thealbionclifton ☀️☀️☀️

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There is also this bizarre expectation that everyone needs to be having fun all the time. This means that even if you do end up at an average night and everything’s looking a bit grim, you can cheer yourself up the next morning with all the likes that you get on your squad pic with the gals. Alternatively, if you do decide to stay in, the fear that you might be missing out is stressed by the knowledge that you’ll be bombarded with Snapchats and your news feeds will be full of photos without you in them. The horror. I think in general people need to be happier with themselves, and as a fresher you can feel a bit like a small fish in a big pond and that everyone around you is making loads of friends, and that you won’t make any friends unless you go out all the time. It’s not true.

Truthfully, as corny as it sounds, you aren’t going to make any truly good friends unless you feel like you can be yourself. So, if you like clubbing every night then do that, but if you’re more of a pub person, embrace it. There are many more like you out there.

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