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Epigram Living sent singletons Peter Macaulay and Harriet Harvey to the Lanes this week, but did they bowl each other over – or did the pair strike out on their date?

What were your first impressions?
PM: Super chatty, friendly girl with lots of confidence
HH: Christ, he’s tall

Harriett’s best physical feature was her ‘really nice eyes’ and that if she was an animal she’d probably be ‘a labrador’.

3 things you chatted about?
PM: The horrors of Wednesday night sports night, the hilarity of the people singing karaoke in the next room, and how her friends decided her spirit animal was a rabid squirrel.
HH: His plans to be a pilot, how we should avoid talking about the six Nations (being Irish I’m hoping England don’t win, sorry!) and how we both want to travel more

Harriet’s ideal partner would be someone ‘who can take the piss out of themselves’.

Were there any awkward/funny moments?
PM: Nothing stands out…I hit my head on the same f*cking lightbulb about five times but that’s about it HH: It was funny when we realised the story I’d heard about some guy who got naked in the middle of Lakota was actually his flatmate!

The three words she used to describe Peter were ‘gentlemanly, funny and driven’, and that he’d also be a labrador.

What did you like most about them?
PM: It was the first time I’d done anything like this, so was pretty nervous, but we chatted easily for like three hours. She made the whole thing quite effortless, which was great
HH:Was just really funny, easy to talk to and laugh with

Would you see them again?
PM: Yeah hopefully, would be good to have a more active date next time
HH: Yeah, planning to see each other again

Peter says that his perfect partner has to have ‘a sense of humour’;

What happened at the end of the date?
PM: We got the bus back together since she doesn’t live too far from me, and I walked her to her door
HH: He walked me home and we exchanged numbers

Rating out of 10
PM: 8/10
HH: 8/10

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