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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching , Serena Sekhon hits us with Bristol’s top five date spots.


Hidden under a restaurant at the very top of Whiteladies, this secret speakeasy exudes the prohibition opulence and romantic vibes that Flipside just doesn’t offer. Enter this literally hidden gem by going down some concealed stairs and knocking on a dark, unlabelled door, and as a by-product impress your date with your knowledge of Bristol’s trendy underground bars. The small, low-lit setting is quite intimate , and the cocktails are both interesting and delicious (albeit not cheap). Essentially, this bar is to Spoons what Belvedere is to Sainsbury’s Basics vodka.

The view before opening #hausbar #cocktail #bristol

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Epigram recommends: Ethicurean cocktail, £8.50.

Everyman Cinema

Surely this has to be one of the most classic, dependable date venues in Bristol. Better safe than sorry, and Valentine’s Day is no exception: you can’t go wrong with Everyman. This alternative cinema was basically designed for couples, with two-person sofas and pizza, snacks and alcoholic drinks delivered directly to your seat. Get cosy and watch a rom-com or, if your date is a film buff, attend a thought-provoking Q&A with filmmakers. Just be careful not to get too cosy on those plush sofas and fall asleep – drool isn’t cute.

Epigram recommends: Film of your choice, £13 per ticket, antipasti sharing platter, £9.50, and a Bramble, £7.50.


Not a big fan of Valentine’s Day? In the early days of a relationship and not sure how intense your plans should be? Worried a candlelit dinner would be too much? Pinkman’s bakery on Park Street offers a cute but slightly more chilled out Valentine’s day outing. Meet your date for brunch, pizza or even some cocktails and nibbles when it adopts a more bar-like atmosphere in the evenings. The big, shared tables seating 6-8 people take away that intensity you might be looking to avoid, but the décor adds the feeling of a date. Plus, it’s right near the top of Park Street so your date doesn’t have to find out how unfit you really are as you won’t be wheezing your way up the hill (unless you live in the city centre, in which case I can’t help you).

Delicious salad at Pinkmans

Epigram recommends: For lunch: parma ham pizza, £8. In the evening: cichetti (small bites), £1.50 each, and an espresso martini, £5.

The Great Outdoors

If you fancy something different this Valentine’s Day, why not go for a walk with your partner?  Harbourside, Cabot Tower, the downs, the suspension bridge, the other side of the suspension bridge – the possibilities are endless. Bristol’s unparalleled views, some cute photo-ops and the fresh February air are sure to combine to make this a date you’ll both love. Also, it’s free, and we know every student loves a bargain – even when it comes to Valentine’s day.

Clifton Suspension bridge

Epigram recommends: the classic downs/Suspension Bridge scenic route, ending with a wander through Clifton Village and a coffee to warm up.

Keep it Close to Home

Last but not least, Valentine’s day on a budget doesn’t have to be depressing. Switch those fairy lights on, light the odd candle and whip out your cheese board. Or, for the more culinary-inclined, cook a meal together (you can’t go wrong with steak and salad). Then browse the internet for something to watch – make sure to strike that balance between light-hearted and serious, like a documentary or comedy-drama. Finally, uncork your finest bottle of Sainsbury’s 2-for-1 Rioja and you have yourself an evening! Netflix and chill has never been so classy.

Epigram recommends: Sainsbury’s Favourite Cheese Selection, £5, red wine of your choice, and a Louis Theroux documentary.

Have you got any more suggestions of date spots in Bristol? Get in touch!

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