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Online Film and TV editor Tim Bustin lists the winners and our reaction tweets from 2017’s Emmy’s Awards ceremony.

The night started with an air of anticipation; a year without Game of Thrones meant no clear favourites going in, although the leading Westworld and Saturday Night Live were expecting wins from the 22 nominations apiece.

It was always going to be a politically-charged night; frequent Trump-basher and host Stephen Colbert’s opening musical number praised the rise of TV in recent years, if anything as an escape from the deteriorating real world.

And in between the tradition of watching celebrities fake-smile as they squirm away from the host’s jokes when singled out, Colbert kept layering it on, arguing the president was still bitter about never winning an Emmy for his US version of The Apprentice.

But eventually some awards needed handing out or some nonsense. Kate McKinnon, Alec Baldwin and Donald Glover all picked up deserved wins in comedy; Glover’s was a record-maker and the nominee group was the most diverse in Emmy history. Veep meanwhile unsurprisingly continued to reign supreme and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s 6th consecutive win for the show broke records.

If SNL was a big winner, Westworld was the complete opposite; the hit HBO show failed to convert any of its nominations, along with Netflix’s Stranger Things and House of Cards. With Westworld’s budget at $100 million and Netflix pouring billions into their original content this must’ve stung, although The Crown picked up one win with John Lithgow for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

The big winner of the night was Handmaid’s Tale, snatching five wins including the top prize.

Just as quickly as the night came did it end. There were highlights (RuPaul dressed as a giant golden Emmy) and even one or two lows (a Sean Spicer cameo did not flow well with the high levels of Trump-satire).

And finally, just for fun, here’s a few more of Epigram’s best tweets from the night.



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