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A record breaking 7,400 Bristol students had their say in Bristol SU’s elections – over one and a half thousand more than the previous record.

Over 32,000 votes were cast as Bristol’s student population elected its six full time officers, as well as the various Chairs of Network, Student Trustees and Faculty Reps, in a turnout of 28.5 per cent of eligible voters.

35.7 per cent of undergraduate students voted, accounting for almost 90 per cent of the total number of votes cast.

Under the Union’s single transferrable vote system, voters may list multiple preferences, with votes being transferred to latter choices should an originally preferred candidate be eliminated at any stage of voting. Elimination stages continue until a candidate has reached the required quota number of votes, which is calculated based on turnout.

The race for Equality, Liberation and Access Officer was the closest in that respect, with six candidates gradually whittled down across five additional ‘elimination stages’ before Des Ibekwe triumphed over Amy Finch by just 31 votes.

With the largest field (seven candidates), the role of Undergraduate Education Officer went to four extra rounds before Mason Ammar was elected, the same number of rounds required for Lucky Dube to become Student Living Officer by 40 votes.

Stanford received the greatest number of stage one votes of any full-time candidate with 1436, and was elected as Union Affairs Officer after two further elimination stages.

John House’s work as Sports and Student Development Officer this year earned him enough votes to emerge victorious by over 600 votes in a two-horse race against James Moulder. House was the only current full-time officer running for re-election was John House, although the current Postgraduate Education Officer, Laura Ho, became the new Chair of Student Council.

Postgraduate Education Officer was the other role to be contested by just two candidates, with Shubham Singh beating Trang Tran by just 41 votes.

According to SU figures, of societies with over 50 eligible voters, PantoSoc achieved the greatest turnout with 92 per cent, closely followed by the Bristol Operatic Society at 88 per cent.

Of study programmes with over 50 eligible voters, BA Music had the highest turnout at 67 per cent, with 58 per cent of Biochemists casting their vote.

A full list of winners is available here.

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