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You’ve met the boys now meet the 13 gorgeous girls chosen to grace the FUZE catwalk this year. Gina Degtyareva chats to each model about their style, favourite places to shop and fun facts about themselves.

FUZE is UK’s largest student run fashion, music and dance show that will be running on the 18th &  19th March. This year the theme is FUNKYTOWN and all the proceeds from the show will go to Bristol Refugee Rights, a charity that works on further integrating refugees into the local community.

Buy tickets to FUZE here:

Watch the recently released FUZE trailer that is bursting with FUNK!

Included are photographs from a recent shoot in everyone’s favourite Wills Memorial Building. All photography is by James Chisholm and Benedict Depla. The models were told to dress in their favourite outfit. We asked each model:

  1. What are your hobbies?
  2. Where are your clothes from today?
  3. Where is your favourite place to buy clothes?
  4. Have you modelled before? If yes, please tell us a bit about it
  5. Tell us a fun fact about yourself like do you have a special talent?
  6. What would you call your autobiography?

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FUZE 2017 promises to be a fabulous show overflowing with talent, creativity and sass so without further ado here are the girls!

Jess Sargent – 3rd year English

Jess Sargent

  1. A lot of my time is spent doing voluntary work coordinating the UBU Nightshelter project, I also enjoy going to see creative things like exhibitions and plays, and going to the gym.
  2. Nike jumper bought on eBay, vintage Levis bought from Brandy Melville, Reebok trainers.
  3. Depop.
  4. I was signed to an agency for a while, but I was never exactly a natural in front of the camera on my test shoots and I was too much of a nerd to miss school for castings, so it didn’t come to much!
  5. I used to sing classically quite a bit… I got my grade 8, was head chorister at school and have sung in some cool places like Westminster Abbey.
  6. ‘Twas the Night Before the Deadline: The Trials and Tribulations of an English Student

Kira Healy – 2nd year English

Kira Healy

  1. I have recently learned to surf
  2. River island jumper, American apparel riding pants, gold air max 97s
  3. Used to be American Apparel before it shut down
  4. I don’t have any previous modelling experience.
  5. I’m learning to freedive

Karla Viinikainen – 2nd year Law

Karla Viinikainen

  1. Mainly running and going to the gym. When I’m at home in Finland I enjoy snowboarding, playing the piano and going for long walks with my Wheaten Terrier
  2. My dress is by a Danish brand Samsoe & Samsoe
  3. I love Massimo Dutti, but since it can be pricey I mainly buy clothes from places like Zara, Mango and ASOS
  4. I have never modelled before…
  5. I am such a last minute person so I end up running pretty much everywhere – whether it’s a tutorial, a date or a flight I am always running to make it on time
  6. Karla with a K

Claire Gignoux – Year abroad from McGill University studying Politics & International Development

Claire Gignoux

  1. Yoga, Singing, Dancing, reading
  2. Eric Bompard, American Apparel and H&M
  3. Zara and Sandro
  4. I’ve modelled for a brand back in Lyon (I’m French) and ended up doing a Beauty Pageant after I lost a bet haha
  5. I can dance tap dance and Cha cha Cha
  6. Bonne Chance

Annabel Ohene – 1st year Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Annabel Ohene

  1. As well as dancing around my room whenever possible, I attend dance classes, I love playing the piano and singing, and find running really theraputic
  2. I am wearing some patterned vintage trousers from my favourite vintage shop in Sheffield, (Freshmans) my grey boots are from doc martens, my suede jacket is Levi’s and white crop top is from some random shop in Budapest!
  3. I love exploring vintage shops to find those one off items, but I find you can’t go wrong with going to Levi’s for the perfect fitting jeans.
  4. I’ve done modelling for my bect friends boyfriends vintage clothing company, Past Apparel, I’ve also modelled for my talented photographer friends.
  5. I can blow a note through my tongue when my tongue is rolled?
  6. Amazing angel Annie. Because my first (embarrassing) email address was this!

Caitlin Gainer – 2nd year Experimental Psychology

Caitlin Gainer

  1. Drinking & running (although not at the same time)
  2. Primark jumper and dungarees, Adidas shoes.
  3. Anywhere that sells nice clothes that don’t cost my student loan! If I had to choose just one though, I would say that I have a bit of a love affair with Zara.
  4. Other than FUZE last year and a few school fashion shows I haven’t
  5. I used to be on a Dutch trampolining team
  6. The art of pretending you’ve got your life together.

Hyatt O’Callaghan – 2nd year Medicine

Hyatt O’Callaghan

  1. Fell running, singing and guitaring with my flatmate Fav, life drawing and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…
  2. Trousers were a gift from India and H&M
  3. From my older siblings is always my favourite.
  4. Fuze
  5. My hometown in called Cockermouth which is apparently hilarious.
  6. Hayati – my name means life in Arabic so Hayati is ‘my life’ which fits.

Flora Gibbs – 2nd year Classical studies

Flora Gibbs

  1. I ride/compete horses
  2. Ralph Lauren, Massimo Dutti, Levis
  3. Ralph Lauren, Zara, Brandy Melville
  4. Yes- was scouted whilst having Sunday lunch…
  5. Swimming my horses but don’t think that’s a talent…
  6. That’s a Good Question

Anya Kadylbek – 2nd year Mathematics

Anya Kadylbek

  1. Art, yoga
  2. Zara, Asos, Nike
  3. Zara probably
  4. No
  5. I know the periodic table off by heart, the result of Chemistry procrastination at school.

Stephanie Bridet – 4th year Commercial Law LLM

Stephanie Bridet

  1. Sport, rowing
  2. Topshop, Hollister, Newlook
  3. Zara (more often if I had the money!)
  4. Yes, my agency is based in Cardiff
  5. I used to row for UWE
  6. You always have time 

Pushpa Veeralakshmanan – 4th year Medicine

Pushpa Veeralakshmanan

  1. Photography,  cooking
  2. H&M and Zara
  3. Online, pretty much anywhere as long as it’s nice and affordable
  4. Nope
  5. I can speak 3 languages and lived in 5 countries
  6. Unknown

 Sheila Joyce – Law year off!

Sheila Joyce

  1. Writing short stories and essays; reading; visiting art galleries; taking motorbike rides (on the back).
  2. ‘And Other Stories’, Next and an independent dressmaker in Uganda.
  3. I really love hand-made, tailored clothing. I love the care that goes into the clothes and the individuality of them. For fast fashion, I usually shop at Zara because of the clean-cut aesthetic it espouses.
  4. Unless, my year 8 school fashion-show counts, I haven’t modelled before.
  5. I can sing and rap in at least six languages including Hangul and Swahili.
  6. ‘The Eye and the Storm’

Willow Swinton – 1st year Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Willow Swinton

  1. Love going to the gym and being active
  2. Jumper: benetton, trousers: Abercrombie, shoes: Nike huarache
  3. Stussy and refresh
  4. I worked for Abercrombie for a year and have done a few catwalks but was told to lose weight and I love my chocolate so I decided no
  5. Blonde inside and out

Buy tickets for FUZE: and If you can’t come to FUZE please consider donating here:

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