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In need of direction for planning your summer travels ? Look no further…

Edie – Paris

Jardin de la Vallée Suisse: escape the noise of the Arc de Triomphe. Read a book next to the trickling waterfalls in this overgrown, silent paradise away from the bustle of the city.

Refuges des Foundues: a graffiti coated fondue restaurant in the heart of Montmarte where you drink wine out of glass baby bottles to avoid the Paris drink tax.

Anna – Berlin

Tempelhofer Feld: closed in 2008, this airport has been reclaimed by the community and now serves as an enormous public park. The airport buildings and signs are intact so rent a bike and swoop around the runways!

Natural History Museum: check out Berlin’s resident T-rex Tristan and an excitingly interactive and informative range of other artifacts. Plus see an enormous room packed filled with animals pickled in jars!

Nia- Valencia

Taberna La Sénia: A small and cosy little tapas bar with a relaxed atmosphere. Make sure to ask for the chef’s recommendations. We were not disappointed with our serving of cuttlefish noodles, duck paté and strips of tender beef!

Ruzafa: A district to put on your must visit list! The quirky neighbour to the more mainstream Carmen district, this is the place to go for the best bars and restaurant and the most exciting nightclubs.

Izzie- Skopje (Republic of Macedonia)

Unity hostel: The name says it all. That said, upon arrival, we were  just  as dubious as you probably are now.  Skopje,  was far from where we’d planned to be two weeks into inter railing but a train in the wrong direction from Serbia had landed us in what came to be this blessing in disguise. Here, we met dreadlock Ollie- a hostel owner like no other. Whether you needed four spare beds at 12pm,  cream for mosquito bites, a good meal of fish and rice or just a long chat about the stars, Ollie had the answer.

Lake Matka: Four years down the line and I still often think of this hidden gem. A bus to Lake Matka, a boat through this stunning gorge and dodging stalegmites deep in the caves made for an unexpectedly magical day. And, if the natural beauty of this unpolluted treasure hasn’t sold it, then surely seafood risotto on the rocks overlooking the gorge will do it for you…

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