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Dump that tired-looking winter coat and invest in a new spring jacket.

Although it may not feel like it on your blustery walk to that 9 am you haven’t prepared for, when you would much rather be in bed nursing that hangover you swore you wouldn’t inflict upon yourself again, Spring is just around the corner. Forget the tilting of the earth’s axis towards the sun, this can only mean one thing: it is time to get a spring jacket.

Spring is the awkward in-between when it’s too warm for a coat but too cold to leave it at home and you can guarantee the one time you do decide to go without, storm Doris, Deirdre and Daphne will wreak havoc on the streets of Bristol. So, it’s time to embrace the ‘new season, new me’ attitude and get yourself a jacket which will have you covered for whatever weather Bristol decides to throw at you.


The trusty denim jacket is back this season making an appearance in almost every high-street store. Whether you want to keep it plain and classic or want to vamp it up with some embroidery and studs you are sure to find the right one for you. Also, remember to check out the many vintage stores Bristol has to offer to find an authentic bargain!

l-r Pinterest; Pinterest; Topshop £65; Monki £60

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Admittedly this jacket won’t keep you particularly warm but you are sure to look good. Kimono’s are back in full swing, so why not channel your inner Beyoncé? Just perhaps save the overdraft and go for a cheaper option.

l-r Zara £79.99; Getty; Asos £50; Zara £69.99

Leather Biker

The light Spring showers (or in Bristol’s case, the heavy pellets of ice) demand you need a bit of waterproofness in your life. Although a leather biker may not have a hood (that’s what umbrellas are for) the biker jacket is sure to keep you looking cool whilst stay relatively warm, and most importantly- dry.  This season is all about pattern and embellishment so why not make your biker jacket the statement piece of your wardrobe?

l-r Zara £59.99; Pull and Bear £39.99; Pinterest; Pull and Bear £49.99


The cropped jacket dominated the catwalks of fashion week- from Versace to Dolce and Gabbana. Although you can get your hands on one for a fraction of the price. There is a huge variety out there, from suede numbers to a simple black piece. Finally, the days of your coat swamping your entire outfit are over.

l-r Zara £29.99; Missguided £40; Asos £45; Urban Outfitters £49


It’s fair to say that the bomber jacket may never go out of fashion. It’s like the looming deadline that you can’t seem to get off your mind; however, with these exquisite pieces, you won’t want to. Dress it up or down and it is sure to be a killer piece that will transcend time.

l-r Zara £69.99; Pinterest; Asos £42.50; Topshop £68

The deadlines may be building up; the lectures may be making less sense and the panic may be boiling up inside of you at the thought of those exams but there’s one thing that can make all of the above better: a new jacket. There are so many affordable pieces available this season so why not treat yourself? Just don’t say I didn’t warn you if you get stuck helpless and jacketless on the way to that 9 am.

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