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Ellie Donnell interviews Nutcessity’s founder Michael Duckworth, finding out the new, exciting flavours on offer and where we can get our hands on it.

Unless you’re severely allergic to nuts, the chances are you like nut butter in some shape or form. Whether you’re drawn to the creamy callings of cashew, or perpetually indebted to the humble peanut, it’s likely you’ll have a jar of the sticky stuff somewhere in your store cupboard.

Plus, with the rise of veganism and a seemingly endless bout of health gurus entering the food industry, nut butter is quickly becoming a popular option as a speedy snack or a virtuous treat.

In case you were feeling stuck for choice, new nut butter brand, Nutcessity, has recently entered Bristol’s foodie scene with a whole host of whacky but wonderful flavours to try. Food Editor, Ellie Donnell, interviews Michael Duckworth, founder of the new Bristol based, nut butter brand, who’s Himalayan Salted Cashew, Brazil and Coconut butter is reason enough to invest in one of his heavenly jars.

So, in a nutshell, what is Nutcessity?

I’m vegan, allergic to peanuts and don’t like the added sugar stuff, so I started Nutcessity to make nut butter that tastes like it shouldn’t be good for you, but totally is. Each pot is homemade in Bristol in a peanut-free kitchen, organic accredited, suitable for vegans and coeliacs and has no added oil or sugar.

Tell us about your flavours?

Each variety has a base of roasted cashews, brazils and coconut flakes. Then we add the interesting stuff:

  • Himalayan Salted is the most coconutty I’d say, and slightly seasoned with mineral rich pink salt.
  • Carob is for those with a sweeter tooth. It has a mellow, earthy flavor, is decadent rich and far too easy to eat straight from the jar…
  • Gingerbread spiced is warmly seasoned with ginger, cinnamon & nutmeg and is great with fruit in my opinion.
  • Espresso is made with organic & fair-trade ground coffee, roasted by Wogan coffee here in Bristol. Toasty, a little bitter and ever so slightly chocolatey.

What makes you different?

The slightly different texture: creamy and slightly crunchy. They’re also made locally using local businesses as partners. The jars are sourced from Warmley, I use a Bristol-based wholesaler, and they’re accredited organic with the Soil Association based in Bristol.

You can find Nutcessity at The Better Food Company on Whiteladies Road (although they’re available in all three stores) and each 180g jar costs £5.49. They offer a five per cent student discount and are currently running a promotion of 50p off a jar until early June, so you can get them for a fiver!

What’s your favourite flavor?

This is tough! I have a favourite way of eating each variety at least: Espresso with pretzels, Carob with bananas, Gingerbread with apples & Himalayan Salted with oats or in a smoothie. I probably get through the Carob most easily.

What’s your favourite nut?

I’ll eat them all – but I like a good toasted hazelnut or cashew.

Do you have a website or can we find you on social media?

You can find me at, or @nutcessity on Instagram and Facebook.

Any tips on how to use your marvelous nut butter?

No need to keep in the fridge! Just use from the cupboard within three months of opening. You can find some recipes on my website or loads of suggestions on my Instagram. But personally, I think it’s best eaten straight from the jar, with fruit, or on some toasted crumpets, bagels or waffles. You can’t go wrong.

Have a go at creating these delicious ‘hailstones’ made from Nutcessity’s Himalayan Salted flavour! They’re a great sweet snack, perfect for revision fuel and will keep you feeling energized and full!

Suggested Recipe:

Himalayan Hailstone Energy Balls


  • 100 g Nutcessity Himalayan Salted nut butter
  • 60 g extra-virgin coconut oil (solid)
  • 40 g poppy seeds
  • 40 g pumpkin seeds
  • 60 g rolled fine oats
  • 20 g agave syrup


  1. Weigh everything into a large ceramic bowl.
  2. Now toughen up! Punch everything together until no annoying blobs of hardy coconut oil remain.
  3. Roll into around 18 pellets
  4. In the unlikely scenario there are some left within the hour, these balls store in the fridge for a week.
  5. Happy punching!

Have you tried out Nutcessity’s delicious range? Let us know your favourite!

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