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Ashley Yonga suggests the best films to watch with your new flatmates.

The first week of university can be a pretty scary time. Everywhere you look there’s people you’ve never met before and none as intimidating as your flatmates. It can feel ridiculously overwhelming and lonely.  These people you’ve only just met need to be your moral support when you go a little too hard at one of the Fresher’s nights or when you’re feeling that common tinge of homesickness.

Naturally, you’re wondering what you should do to create this special flatmate bond. Since nothing can encapsulate the confusing time of young adulthood like a good coming of age film or TV show, here’s a list to inspired your post-night out Fresher days. These films are sure to keep you and your new flatmates laughing and crying together for this first week and weeks to come.

10 Things I Hate About You

This film is a tremendous tribute to the 90s/teen/romantic comedy genre, the best in decades which all audiences can enjoy. For those untouched by its greatness, it stars the Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the late Heath Ledger. A film about a high-school girl who tries to get her ‘undateable’ older sister a date so that she’ll be able to go to prom. While the plot may seem cliche, it’s important to remember that in the 90s this trope was still in its infancy and this film provides a fresh take on the idea of the ‘undateable’ girl and reluctant bad boy.


Good Will Hunting

It’s true that classics are classics for a reason; the remarkable acting, intense drama and compelling romance of this film makes it one of the best ones on the list. Matt Damon plays an M.I.T janitor who discovers he has a gift for mathematics and must see a psychologist, played by the late Robin Williams, to deal with his inner demons and find his way. It was actually written by Matt Damon and his on-screen and real life best friend Ben Affleck.

Good Will Hunting is a champion of mental health, hard work, romance, friendship and everything in between. If you’re looking for something to show off your film prowess, suggest this at your next flat film night.


The Lion King

Keeping with the theme of ‘coming-of-age’ and being a biased Disney-lover, this had to be on the list simply because animations are cool and everyone loves a good Disney film. You’d have to be living under a rock in the deepest part of the ocean if you’ve never heard of The Lion King. A touching tale about a lion in the Savannahs of Tanzania grappling with his identity and future, it is something that anyone can relate to. The film is based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet but I’d say, it’s an adaptation that surpasses its original, but as mentioned before, I’m biased.



One might think this is an odd choice but this genre doesn’t need to be limited to the young adult age bracket as you could ‘find yourself’ at any age. This film hilariously and beautifully shows this. What do you do when your best friend’s other best friend appears to be a better maid of honour than you? Carry out a series of comedic tasks to prove you’re the better friend, obviously. Bridesmaids deals with things that people of all ages can relate to like the pressure to be in a relationship, to be the perfect friend or to find the right date to your best friends wedding.


The Dark Knight trilogy

This entire series establishes a trajectory that mimics the life of a university student. Christopher Nolan’s three-film series resembles the typical three-year university course and creates a journey travelled by superheros and university students alike.

The first film, Batman Begins, shows a hero who is yet to discover his ambition, and feels lost as a result. The second, The Dark Knight, has Batman knowing his convictions but finding it challenging to stick by them. He is set up against outrageous odds and having to fight against the best villain of the three, Heath Ledger’s Joker, similar to the unnerving waters of second year. In the final movie of this remarkable series, our hero is beat and incredibly tired but somehow manages to find the strength to make it through the final push to victory.
Like I said, just like university.


That Batman cape flow 〰

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