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With the Oscars just a few minutes away, Jessica Cripps give us last year’s Best Actor winner Leo DiCaprio’s advice to any Oscar nominee.

When it comes to the Academy Awards, international superstar and universally acclaimed actor Leonardo DiCaprio has had a rough ride. Despite five previous nominations across twenty two years, it wasn’t until 2016 that DiCaprio finally found his happy ending and laid his hands on a glitzy Best Actor Oscar for his gripping performance in The Revenant.

It is probably worth assuming that DiCaprio would be a font of knowledge to any nominee newcomer in handling Oscar recognition and/or rejection. What advice might the King of Hollywood offer to a fledgling actor on their journey to an Oscar?

First of all: handle the expected. Don a great outfit, work the Red Carpet and smile for the cameras. DiCaprio typically dons a classic cut suit and a bowtie for a timeless look. In 2005, when nominated for Best Actor in The Aviator, he mixed it up with a silky black tie. However, his reliably polished appearance has been a steadfast winner with red carpet photographers.

Pick a great date. When an Oscar nominee, DiCaprio has never walked the red carpet solo. However his choice of date might not seem a conventional choice, opting to take his mum Irmelin Indenbirken to all but one of his ceremonies. His previously long term partner, model Gisele Bunchen, was his choice of date in 2005, proving that appearing on the red carpet with the icon is reserved only for the most treasured women in his life.

Catch up with old friends. When you’re a highly demanded actor travelling the world to shoot movies, is it any surprise that you would make time to greet friends with equally hectic schedules? In 2016, DiCaprio posed with long-time friend and Titanic co-star Kate Winslet, and set new standards of Friendship Goals everywhere.

Practice your best ‘humble losing face’ at home. Sometimes you can give a performance your all and still lose out to an actor who gave it just a little bit more. When DiCaprio lost to Jamie Foxx in Ray, it was all smiles to a worthy opponent.

Or just become a great meme and let the internet do the talking for you. When losing to Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyer’s Club, DiCaprio let his guard slip for a moment and the internet responded by turning his heartbroken face into a supportive meme. A year later, DiCaprio was finally crowned Best Actor. Just saying.

Revel in the moment. Finally, when his big moment came, DiCaprio stood upon the stage while applause rained down on him from his peers. His cheeky winner’s smile said it all.

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Don’t be afraid to get political. Sparking off a collective of politically motivated speeches a year later, DiCaprio took the limelight of his 2016 Oscar win as an opportunity to speak out about the increasing danger of climate change. ‘Climate change is real, it is happening now,’ He urged. ‘It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.’

Celebrate your victory, but don’t leave your Oscar behind at a bar. It was reported that DiCaprio had such a good time celebrating his win, he accidentally forgot to take his trophy home when leaving a bar in Los Angeles. Oops. Forgive the Academy for their repeated oversights, and lend a helping hand the following year.

Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio will be presenting an award at the 89th Academy Awards tonight.

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