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Chloë Moloney hears Adam Biles discuss his new novel Feeding Time, at Spike Island’s popular Novel Writers evening.

Adam Biles: a man with a prodigious imagination who oozes intelligent creativity by the bucketful. His soul-stirring writing is profoundly exhibited in his debut novel Feeding Time. At Spike Island on 24th November, Biles disclosed the ideas and process behind his recent book to an intimate crowd of fervent listeners.

Biles’ novel Feeding Time tells the story of a rebellion in an old people’s home, or as the description asserts, ‘more pertinently, about a rebellion of people who just happen to be old.’ The conditions in the care home, Green Oaks, are presented by Biles as utterly appalling and abhorrent – thus sparking up protest by the home’s senior residents.

At the event Biles graced the audience with two readings from his novel, displaying the unquestionable talent of this wordsmith. His words undisputedly enthralled the audience, drawing them inescapably into a chaotic and troubled world of elderly care, and into the labyrinthine minds of characters such as the fantastical Captain Ruggles.

Biles’ readings unveiled his natural ability to string together eloquent lexis with the most ingenious threads of his imagination, nudging the audience towards enlightenment by degrees.

When asked about influences, Biles touched on topics such as deregulation and the grisly state of some institutions. Throughout the six-year period in which he wrote Feeding Time, Biles’ remarked that the conditions of such institutions has remained severe and execrable. This sparked inspiration in Biles and, by writing on this subject matter, Biles has crucially shed light on pertinent aspects of society which deserve infinitely more attention than they currently receive.

Nevertheless, Biles made sure to note that Feeding Time is not just a novel which casts a long and gloomy shadow over the reader, but includes elements of humour which allow for a jocular slant. Biles mentioned that his novel contains a ‘real darkness, but also humour’, and from the conversation it was clear that he cleverly and successfully marries both the shocking and the funny.

After Biles had humbly set forth his literary excellence, the floor was open to questions. One audience member made an apt remark about the novel: that with such a plethora of three-dimensional characters with which Biles provides us, it would have been easy for this book to be convoluted. However, even from the small snippets that Biles indulged us in, it remained evident that this novel runs its course with indisputable ease and excellence.

During this question time, it became even more apparent that Biles’ writing has struck an emotional chord with his readers, with gracious thanks to the wordsmith for his astounding literary crafting, some saying that the story intensely and personally resonated with them.

Biles modestly credits his success to his editors at Galley Beggar Press, but it cannot be denied that a leading factor in his recent literary triumph is his formidable talent. It is undeniable that Adam Biles will have a most fruitful and prosperous career, and we await his future works with eager anticipation.

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